Quality characteristics are key to our olive oil

Precious oil! It feeds, cures, symbolises, beautifies, relieves… The juice of this holy tree of
our land is inextricably bound to our diet, medicine, science, religion, pharmaceuticals and personal care.

Its colour, thickness, transparency, acidity, odour and taste are the characteristics which confirm its identity.

Its quality is dependent on a number of factors; of great importance is the variety of the olive, the care administered to the tree, correct pruning and irrigation, location and the type of soil, time and the manner of harvest, environmental conditions, transport to the olive press, the production process, and, also, storage techniques. The best possible conditions must be ensured for the achievement of optimal yield!

Olive Groves

Olive Groves

Blessed olive! Easily adapting to the conditions of its habitat, there exist more than 500

Cultivated in the LivOil olive groves are:

Koroneiki: The queen of Greek varieties, offers small fruits, resilient, steady high output.

Petroelia Serron (2211. Medium-sized fruits, of double use (edible and suitable for oil), ripens in November-December.

Arbekina: Small fruits, immune to cold weather, steady high output, harvested early, produces fine quality oil with fruity taste.

Picual: Early variety with high output, medium-sized fruits, resistant to cold and drought.

Challddikis: Large-sized fruits, fleshy, bright yellow-green colour, fruity aroma and spicy taste.

Manaki: Ripens slowly, resistant to high altitudes and strong wind, produces oil with soft, sweet taste.

Megaron: Medium-sized, oval-shaped fruits, produces excellent quality oil.

Olive Press

Olive Press

Our olive press boasts the most cutting-edge technology for the processing of olive fruits. A full oil production unit from the Pieralisi group processes the fruit, using systems of separation based on the principle of the centrifugal force. The washing, grinding, crushing, separation and
clarification of the oil all take place in an environment of the highest standards.

Proof of this quality constitutes the fact that our olive press has joined the system of control and certification of Biological Products of the Organisation of Control and Certification ‘GMCert’ and is the owner of a legitimate and commonly accepted Certificate of Biological Cultivation, as it fulfills the national and community legislation's requirements regarding products of biological cultivation.



From Us... To You

The people of LivOil know that the finest oil is made step by step! No rush... Armed with knowledge, experience, technology and constant learning.

Step by step...

From the nursery to the earth, and from the earth to the press.

From the tree to the fruit and from the fruit to the oil.
Step by step...

With patience and respect towards the gift of the Greek nature, to offer you its greatest product… pure, virgin, Greek Olive Oil!

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