Extra virgin oil 0.75L


Extra virgin oil 0.75L

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Extra virgin oil 0.75L

Olive oil of the highest class, without any chemical intervention ??), which results from the cold crushing of the fruit so that the vitamins and nutrition contents will not be destroyed because of high temperature.
Its acidity does not surpass 0.8%. It has an intense fruity taste and the odour of freshly cut olive.

LivOil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives cultivated on the LivOil farm located in the sunbathed mountainous of Greece Makedonia
LivOil  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has a gold-green hue, a balanced taste with a wonderful fruity aroma and long lasting smooth aftertaste.   The traditional methods followed during the harvest of the olive coupled with the modern processing and storage ensure its particular characteristics and its outstanding quality.

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Our olive oil has been awarded in an international health and nutrition competition



LivOil olive oil shields our health…

The results of the analysis of our olive oil from the Kapodistrian University of Athens are a presumption !!!